• web advertising: how to increase traffic by offering a free course.

    web advertising: how to increase traffic by offering a free course.

    Being an online business owner for over ten years has given me the opportunity to see a multitude of email messages, especially those from autoresponders. And as an owner of an autoresponder service I have seen many messages that can be classified anywhere from a disaster to highly professional. I am not going to get into evaluating the actual content of messages but simply how they look, what image they project and based on my experience of having sent thousands of messages out over the years, some tips to getting more of your messages read. 1. Format This seems to be one of the worst problems. Many people just type up a message, load it in the autoresponder and let it go out. Some of them go out and look like one big paragraph, others have intermittent lines going all the way across the page and automatically wrapping. Others are full of spelling mistakes. They look very unprofessional to say the least. Every autoresponder message series that I make up, and I have over twenty autoresponders working 24 hours a day, is prepared offline in a text program, usually NotePad. I format them to 55 to 60 characters per line […]

  • Autoresponder Essentials

    Autoresponder Essentials

    Automatic responder is a great marketing tool that you cannot do without. This is a program that automatically responds to request for information from your site visitors or subscribers to your new letter. For example, you have a Web form on your site as asking visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. When they enter their name and email address in the Web form, your autoresponder responds with a reply automatically telling the subscriber he/she had been subscribed. As you grow your mailing list, the automatic responder becomes very useful because you can then send personalized newsletter to thousands of subscribers at once, without having to do it manually. Automatic Responder-Why you need one. Statistics indicate less than 50% of customers will respond to a sale for the first time. Most people need 5 to 7 reminders before a sale is made. This is due to many reasons. Just imagine yourself going through the mall. There are some things you want to buy but you cannot because… 1. your credit card is already at its limit 2. or you don’t have the time to check the product out 3. or you are not sure how good the product is. 4. or […]

  • How To get effective sales copy for your autoresponders

    How To get effective sales copy for your autoresponders

    Autoresponders are the greatest sales tool ever invented. They solve the biggest problem in advertising–how to follow-up with interested prospects until they buy. There are plenty of free or low-cost autoresponder deals available. Multiple autoresponders send ten or more messages automatically. For the person who used to spend their days flipping through a rolodex, this automated selling is a dream come true. BUT where do you get the sales info to put in your autoresponders. Unless you love to write page after page, filling these labor-savers can be a very tall order. Here are some strategies for getting good autoresponder copy fast and easy. Simple 3-letter campaign. Don’t worry about coming up with ten or twelve quality sales letters when you are starting out. You can greatly increase sales with just a three letter multiple autoresponder. More than three letters may be overkill. Make your first letter briefly present your offer. It should be designed to get attention and bring in those who tend to quickly make up their minds to buy. That is about 15% of customers. Your second sales letter should arrive the next day. Make it longer and filled with details. About 70 percent of consumers are […]

  • Email Auto Responder And It’s Important Use For Business

    Email Auto Responder And It’s Important Use For Business

    Email autoresponders are an excellent marketing tool that very few businesses can afford to be without these days. It is a program that responds automatically to requests for information from visitors to your site or subscribers to your newsletter. For instance, you can place a web form on your website inviting visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter. Whenever someone enters their name and email address into the webs form, the autoresponder will reply automatically to let the person know they are subscribed to your list. As you continue to grow your email list, your autoresponder becomes even more useful since it will allow you to send out a personalized email newsletter to thousands of subscribers all at the same time, without needing to do this manually. Why You Need To Have An Autoresponder Statistics show that fewer than 50% of consumers respond to a sales offer the very first time that they see it. Most sales are not made until people have had 5 to 7 reminders. There are many reasons for this. Just think about yourself shopping at the mall. There are certain things you would like to purchase but you can’t because… 1. Your credit cards are […]