Automatic responder is a great marketing tool that you cannot do without. This is a program that automatically responds to request for information from your site visitors or subscribers to your new letter. For example, you have a Web form on your site as asking visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. When they enter their name and email address in the Web form, your autoresponder responds with a reply automatically telling the subscriber he/she had been subscribed.

As you grow your mailing list, the automatic responder becomes very useful because you can then send personalized newsletter to thousands of subscribers at once, without having to do it manually.

Automatic Responder-Why you need one.

Statistics indicate less than 50% of customers will respond to a sale for the first time. Most people need 5 to 7 reminders before a sale is made.

This is due to many reasons. Just imagine yourself going through the mall. There are some things you want to buy but you cannot because…

1. your credit card is already at its limit

2. or you don’t have the time to check the product out

3. or you are not sure how good the product is.

4. or you need to ask friends in order to be sure.

Same thing applies to your customer on the web. With your automatic responder you can send repeated reminders to thousands of your prospective customers automatically explaining the benefits of the product.

Automatic Responder-How does it work?

Your automatic responder may reside in your Web host or service provider’s server . Whether the autoresponder is provided by your host or uploaded by you. One autoresponder should have one email address. Example, or name of your or

Save your information to be saved to your visitor or customer as a text only -document and give it the email address corresponding to the particular autoresponder allocated to this kind of information.

You will then upload your new autoresponder document to your host servers depending on the service provided by your host.

When do you need it?

As soon as your site is up and running and you start growing your email lists. If you intend to give tutorials by email or teach marketing or promotional topics to other Internet users then get your autoresponder as soon as your site is up and running. Very important features of a good autoresponder. Ability to send documents in text or HTML formats.

Accommodate an initial response (e.g. welcome message) and many more follow-ups.

Allow follow-ups to be spread over a time frame.

Personalization of subject and body of message.

There are good automatic responder software for performing all these tasks.

Automatic responder is an important tool any serious online marketer should not do without. You may start mailing your subscribers manually. However, as your list grows, you will soon discover that a lot of your time is taken up doing work that you should have automated.